Kompetenztraining für Frauen von Schwarzgurt-Managerin Dr Saskia Schottelius: Kommunikation + Kampfkunst für Führung, Karriere, Resilienz, Rhetorik  u. Charisma

Competent performance: The Art of Self-Presenting.

An empowerment training for female* Scientists.


Mindful and effective self-presenting in the way of showing your strength confidently and authentically at the right moment is an Art - and a professional competence that can be learned. Whether you are at conferences, in front of an academic committee, giving a presentation or promoting a research project… the way you think about yourself and how you come across to others will deeply influence your success.

In this workshop, the participants will learn about essential speech communication techniques and get the opportunity to practice presentations. It provides insights into the use of positive language, bodywork and mental training. After an overview of classical rhetoric, speech structure and feedback culture you might have changed your perspective and be able to practice and improve your presence and personal performance in an academic setting with confidence and joy.


Target groups: female* scientists from all over the world at German Universities; special programs of women career Center at international Universities.


Elements of the workshop will be:

  • Gender aspects in academia: impostor, Paula & picture a scientist
  • Science pitch and statement training
  • Positive self-perception and presentation: awareness in language
  • Body language, embodiment and status: awareness in motion
  • Serenity is the key: Meditation, Qigong and holistic bodywork
  • Rhetoric: the classical concept in progress
  • Performance: serving an excellent menu
  • Best practise: from experience to expertise


Methods: Theory-input, group-work, role-play scenarios, exercised based learning, practising self-presentation, giving and receiving feedback, coaching techniques, holistic body work, voice and speech training, meditation and Taoist health exercises.

Format: 2 days, in-house or online – as interactive as possible for body, mind and speech.



Perform with confidence and joy.

Give a poised and composed appearance.

Come out relaxed and content.

Leave a lasting impression.