Kompetenztraining für Frauen von Schwarzgurt-Managerin Dr Saskia Schottelius: Kommunikation + Kampfkunst für Führung, Karriere, Resilienz, Rhetorik  u. Charisma

You can say what you want!

Assertiveness-Training for Public Events


A strong impact, presence, individual expression, looking good, being calm, collected and composed…, but also:defining your borders calmly, retorting to verbal attacks, showing a fighting spirit, reacting spontaneously, being courageous and trusting yourself… this and much more is what we will be training in our workshop “secure and self-confident”. We will practise direct communication and self-presentation as much as assertiveness, mindfulness and meditation. After a lot of practice, movement, fun and experimenting it becomes clear: All of these go together to create convincing self-expression and to support and encourage you when you are under pressure in your personal and professional life.




Positive language and mental power

Self-expression and body language

Crisis and conflict management

Verbal response training

Confrontation training




Body: Language in motion

          Body language and self-expression for a solid status

          Corresponding: exercises from martial arts and meditation

          Meditation in motion: Taoistic health exercises

          Voice and mood



          Find your individual shape; dare to be who you are

          Awareness in language and motion

          Positive language, self-esteem and self-advocacy


Relaxed counter attacks: creative quick-wittedness

          Responding like a tiger or a crane

          Experimenting with ready-witted strategies


Office Wendo: Assertiveness in 3 sentences

          Clarity: Clearly formulating your desires and statements

          Contour: Getting noticed and being taken seriously

          Charisma: Authenticity, respect and dignity